some are in it for the fun, some for OTR, some for fresh air… and then there are those who are ready to compete…

We consider all those who participate to be champions, but we like to encourage a little competitive spirit. This year the following awards will be given out:

1) Top 5 Male and Female Runners

2) First Walker to finish

3) First Boy or Girl (we will do our best in defining this, please have mercy on us as we attempt to draw this line well)

4) First Runner & Dog Duo (dog must run as well)***

5) First Runner & Stroller***

***Having dogs and strollers in the race is something that we believe in to make this a unique race. We ask that all those with dogs and strollers please be considerate of the runners around them. Not all folks like dogs and strollers can be obtrusive if the runner accompanying the stroller is not considerate. We assume that all of our runners will look out for one another, hence our ability to add these categories.

ALSO – KIDS RACE!!!!!!!!!!

Around 11:00 AM we will have a kids race for those 8 and under. not sign up necessary, just be near the finish line area around this time and listen/watch for cues.

thank you to all runners!!


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