What a day!!

It has now been a few weeks and I am still amazed by the 2011 event.  More than 800 runners/walkers/dogs/strollers, great music, great food, great vendors… I just keep looking back and wondering how it all came together so well.  It is then that I quickly see the faces of the folks that made everything happen. I think of the folks that met every two weeks from January through May while working hard to meet goals between each meeting.  These folks are simply amazing and generous people. Our leadership team deserves many thanks, however I am very quick to say that there are MANY more that contributed to this event in great quantities.

With all that beign said – I want to thank the team (in no particular order)

Mike Deininger, Jennifer Walke, Sean Rhiney, Colin Groth,  Adam Gelter, & Brian Tiffany

thank you!!


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