Many questions have come up over the past few years, ideally this will help you find answers to some of the most common.

Q- Where can we park?

A- Parking is available in the following garages and lots:

Washington Park Garage – 1230 Elm Street  – http://washingtonpark.org/parking/

Mercer Commons Garage (NEW, one block from Washington Park)
Vine Street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth

Twelfth and Vine Lot

Q – Is this only for runners?

A – No, we strongly encourage everyone to come out.  We have walkers, runners and walkers with strollers, runners and walkers with dogs… all are welcome!!  We simply ask that everyone participating allow for others to pass and that those with dogs, strollers, and side cars to simply start behind the runners.  We want this to be both a competitive run as well as and enjoyable event for those not racing for the finish line.

Q – Do I need to register in advance?

A – We truly appreciate all who can register in advance of the race day online as it aids with our t-shirt purchases and helps us keep the race day congestion to a minimum.   Not all will be able to register in advance, but we appreciate all who can since we have a very small volunteer staff and race day coordination can be overwhelming if all 800+ runners sign up the morning of the run.

Q – When do we pick up our shirts, race bibs, and timing chips?

A – We will have a pick up on the 19th (Thursday) during the evening from 5:00 to 7:30 PM and then on the 20th (Friday) from 11:00 AM until 7:30 PM in the Gateway Quarter. (Vine & 12th Streets) You will be able to pick up everything race morning as well, but you might have to deal with some waiting in line and congestion.

Q – When can I see my time?

A – Our timing will be perfomred by GHG Timing.  A link will be posted on our website and your time should be posted within 24 hours (if not earlier) of the finish.

Q – In regards to timing, will we have chips and adjusted timing?

A – GHG will utilize the timing pieces that will be attached to your bib. No attaching to your shoes necessary.  Once you cross the finish line you will detach the timing piece from your bib and all will be great!  We will also note that we will have a shotgun start.  With this being the case the clock time will be your time.  If you wish to be competitive and push for a personal best in regards to finish time, please make your way towards the front in an appropriate are for your running level.  The start line will be a full street (12th) wide, hence there should be enough room for all to hit their stride quickly.

Other Questions??  Email info@goOTR.org and we will answer as quickly as possible.


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